NITROS COLD BREW – Vanilla Bean 25mg 30ml



Nitros Cold Brew 25mg 30ml – Vanilla Bean

If you’re a coffee lover, you know the struggle when it comes to craving that smooth coffee but wanting to avoid those dreaded jitters. Luckily, Vanilla Bean by Nitro’s Cold Brew Salted Blends 30ml can satisfy your cravings without loading your body with caffeine. Gloriously smooth coffee is blended with warm vanilla and a hint of gooey caramel.
Every inhale arouses your senses with the complex taste of high-quality coffee. Rich, smooth and slightly nutty, this coffee soaks each taste bud as it runs down the palate. Then, the vanilla flavor emerges. When you exhale, a drizzle of sugary caramel drips along the tongue, making your sweet tooth dance with joy.
Vanilla Bean vape juice from Nitro’s Cold Brew Salted Blends comes in a small bottle with delicate and balanced throat hit ratio.
Wake up the right vaping way like only Nitro’s Cold Brew Coffee E-Liquid can provide with a vape tank full of this nicotine salt E-Juice.